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HTML Random Image Script

Well I wanted to create a random image display for one of my sites, but all I could find were JavaScript random image scripts, the problem with the ones I found were that the script had to contain all the list of images, it had to be in the body tag too so couldnt intergrate […]

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Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton photo

Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton

Well last night I went to the Komedia club in Brighton, and went to the Tag Comedy night. “coming on to the pitch as a substitute and getting put straight in goal for a penalty”, “doing all the work with the foreplay and not getting any actual sex”. Argus interviews Stephen Grant. It was fantastic […]

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Windows Live Mail

Well Microsoft have just released their Windows Live Mail which is set to superseed Hotmail. A new Hotmail indeed, its fantastic and certainly will give Googles Gmail Google Mail a run for its money! Its all designed in AJAX code, which is fantastic it means that your browser doesn’t have to reload the entire page. […]

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