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Fremantle Prison, Perth, Australia

Fremantle Prison, Perth, Australia - feature photo

Fremantle is possibly the nicest city on the west coast of Australia. It’s at the mouth of the Swan River, which is about 10 miles southwest from Perth.

Established as part of the Swan River Colony in 1829 by British settlers and named after Admiral Sir Charles Howe Fremantle. Captain of the Royal Navy ship HMS Challenger, it was this 26 gun frigate which was the first ship to arrive from a fleet of 3 from Britain to establish a colony at the Swan River. Fremantle, aka Freo as it is known by the locals received city status in 1929 and now has a population of around 25,000.

Fremantle Prison was built by convicts in the 1850s, it was used as a jail by the colonial government in 1886. It has only relatively recently closed down, in 1991. Fremantle Prison was then reopened as a public museum for all to see. One of the most interesting features of the prison is the preservation of the prisoners graffiti on the walls I can especially remember James Walsh`s.

It was extremely interesting to see the prison as I could still remember the riot in 1988 as a boy when 70 prisoners took over half the prison including taking 15 prison officers hostage. I don’t blame them at the time they were locked inside with temperatures of 52.2°C!!! Having air conditioning fitted would have saved the government nearly 2 million Australian Dollars!

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