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Wiltshire Police Safety Camera Partnership M4 photo

Wiltshire Police Safety Camera Partnership M4

Well this can be seen as a highly debatable subject area, and even to me it has many grey areas which I am unsure upon. I finally got my speeding fine through, thanks go out to Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership. After my court case which I plead guilty to by post… 4 points and a […]

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PBM Technical Services, Ditchling, Hassocks

As of January 2017 PBM Technical services was taken over by Richard and Sarah Ellis. Chris Uridge no longer has any relations with PBM and I wish the new owners all the best with their new venture. This is an archived post and my experience with this company is with the old ownership. If you’re […]

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Apex City of London Hotel, Tower Bridge

Today I got a reply from the Apex City Hotel London. It was a very pleasant letter from Yousif Al-Wagga the general manager of the Apex Hotels group giving hiis sincere apolgies for the problems I experienced with the Apex City of London Hotel. They have taken appropriate action to ensure that such mistakes are […]

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