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The Summer Palace an imperial garden in Beijing photo

The Summer Palace an imperial garden in Beijing

The Summer palace is the biggest imperial garden in China, and beyond doubt is the best preserved out of all the imperial gardens. It was built in 1750 and was originally called the “Garden of Clear Ripples” but most of it was destroyed in 1860 (The allied forces of Britain and France wanted to secure […]

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The Temple of Heaven, Beijing photo

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Well this was one of the places in China I travelled to which surprised me the most. It is also known as Tiantan (Tian tan). It felt unreal that a 20 minute walk from mayhem Beijing you could enter a world of peace and paradise. It was massive defiantly bigger than the Forbidden City, and […]

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Beijing, China photo

Beijing, China

Well my travel blog has to have a post about Beijing… and where do I start? Beijing is without a doubt the busiest place I have been to, including Hong Kong. It is situated in the Scandinavian part of China. Beijing city has an area of about 17²km with a population of 14 million people. […]

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Chengdu Hotpot, China photo

Chengdu Hotpot, China

The reason for my visit to Chengdu was purely to visit the Wolong Panda Reserve. However heard many people say “You haven’t been to Chengdu until you’ve tried Chengdu Hotpot” and now I know why! After a 32 hour train journey (even though it was a luxury train journey with nice beds and flat screens) […]

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Wolong International Panda Reserve, Chengdu, China photo

Wolong International Panda Reserve, Chengdu, China

Well at first thoughts of traveling to Chengdu it seemed highly overrated! I mean a 32 hour train journey from Xian, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go that much to see the Wolong International Panda Reserve and sanctuary. Honestly could it really be worthwhile? Short answer YES! It was absolutely amazing to […]

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