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False Alarm at Apex City Hotel London

This weekend I went to London and stayed at the Apex City Hotel near Tower Bridge. The hotel looked fantastic.

But unfortunately from the moment of booking nothing went as expected from a four star hotel. A few of these issues are minor but over the course of the weekend just added up and fuelled my discontent.

The most influential event in writing a complaint letter to the Apex City Hotel in London, was early Sunday morning I was arguably awoken by the hotel fire alarm. This isn’t the reason I am ranting, I am frustrated by the way the incident occurred and the handling of this situation.

On this Sunday morning the fire alarm was set off. However in the room I was sleeping in, 318, this noise seemed to be coming from outside in the distance such as a car alarm. At not one moment did I think it was the fire alarm! It seemed too quiet. So after around thirty five minutes of the alarm ringing I decided to ring reception as I was starting to have second thoughts that maybe something indeed is wrong. Expecting to hear that it’s just a car alarm outside and the police have been informed. I was informed to leave the room immediately there is a risk of a fire.

After leaving the room I realised that the entrance I came through was now blocked off, and were puzzled on how to exit the building. These were the fire doors which had automatically shut, however there was no clear indication that this was indeed the way out, nor any sign saying to push the doors for exit. I always expected in times like this that it would be soo easy to find your way out but I was wrong.

After I realised how to get out of the building and quickly passed down the stairs I was bypassed the fire brigade coming up. I then went across the road and stood with all the other guests opposite the hotel.

At no point was I told what was happening and no head count took place. Seemingly I wasn’t the only guest with the problem of the volume of the alarm, as several other guests came down after I had.

All of us are extremely fortunate that this wasn’t a real fire, I honestly feel if it had have been there would have been a real disaster at hand and our lives would have been in danger.

I would like to know why there is not an automated phone call from the fire alarm system which is secondary to the alarm, with a recorded message to inform you of a potential risk?

Why staff members didn’t ensure that all guests were out of the rooms?
Why a headcount didn’t take place?
Why an explanation of what was happening was given?
And of course how such an alarm could be so quiet in certain rooms?
I am completely mesmerised by how the staff at this hotel could possibly be so unorganised in the event of a fire, it was obvious no one knew what to do.

After all of this I couldn’t have what I wanted for breakfast nor had any hot water, the fire alarm had tripped off the gas.

AND THEN… on checking out I was told by the girl at the reception desk when trying to settle my bill in these exact words, “You will need another method of paying as the credit card machine is not working”.

I felt this to be extremely rude and her entire attitude towards guests this day astonishing.

I explained to her that I had opened my account on my credit card and this being the only form of payment I have. Where she replied “well lets hope that your lucky” before snatching the card off me and trying it in the machine. I tried explaining to her that this is the only form of payment I have, and what am I supposed to do if the machine is out of order? She then starting moaning to me about how all the guests are unhappy this morning… this is not the kind of service I expect in a local bed and breakfast let alone a four star hotel in London.

I feel that no one should be spoken to like this, especially in front of other guests about myself not being able to pay the bill, which was very embarrassing.

I do feel that my experience at this hotel was probably a one off due to the situation, and maybe the extra stress the staff was under. But none the less the staff should be better trained to handle these situations.

Complaint letter on its way…