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Around the world in 106 days

Around the world in 106 days - feature photo

In Jules Verne’s classic Victorian adventure, PhileasFogg circumnavigates the world as fast as he can and by all means necessary to win a £20,000 wager – completing his epic journey in 80 days. On a P&O cruises world tour, you can relax a little and enjoy the ride. This cruise of a lifetime aboard Aurora, takes 106 days but the memories will live on for many years to come.

Set sail from Southampton
There’s the most fabulous sense of occasion when you set sail aboard a majestic liner for the trip of a lifetime. Round the world cruises from Southampton depart to the sounds of a brass band and the ship’s mighty horn. People line the decks to wave to jealous friends seeing them off on-shore. The sense of expectation and excitement is palpable. There then follows several days at sea which offers an ideal opportunity to get used to life on the ocean waves and explore the huge number of dining, entertainment and relaxation options aboard your luxury floating home-from-home.

Enjoy life on the ocean waves
Aurora sets sail in January 2013 for a 106-day round the world adventure. She’s designed as a classic ocean-going vessel, ideally suited to world cruising. At the centre of the ship is a wonderfully bright atrium with a waterfall cascading down one side. Outside, a broad teak promenade that runs right around the ship forms the perfect space for jogging and strolling in the invigorating ocean air. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, a host of dining options includes two top quality restaurants, along with the Café Bordeaux bistro created by Marco Pierre White and the Pennant grill which offers al fresco dining. Imagine dinner to the backdrop of a starry night! For thrills and excitement whilst on board you can take in a film at the Playhouse cinema, enjoy the glamour and glitz of a West End-style show in the show lounge or relax with a cocktail in the genteel surroundings of Anderson’s bar. There’s also a spa on board for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

See the world in all its glory
From your luxury home on the ocean waves you’ll get to step ashore and visit many of the world’s most iconic and historic places too. And this is of course the highlight of any round the world cruise. Over the course of over three months of worldwide exploration, you’ll be able to tick off a lot of those places on your ‘do before I die’ list. Sail the length of the Panama canal? Tick. Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco? Done. Wonder at the graceful white curves of the Sydney Opera house? Yes. Marvel at the incredible pyramids; see the vastness of the Great Wall of China; be spellbound by the beauty of the TajMahal; get caught up in the magic of buzzingly brilliant Hong Kong by night; wander the ancient jungle temples of Angkor Watt and walk the ruin-bedecked streets of ancient Rome – the list literally goes on, and on.

Get set for adventures of a lifetime
Of course, a round the world cruise isn’t just about sitting back and watching the many wonders of the world go by. There are ample opportunities for more active adventure and exploration. How about scuba diving amidst myriad bright fish in the crystal waters of the Caribbean? Or, if diving’s not your thing, you can always explore by mini submarine instead. If adrenaline is what you’re after, then you can get seriously soaked river rafting swirling rapids in Oaxaca in Mexico or pulling on the mainsheet on a sail around Auckland harbour on an America’s Cup yacht. If you’ve a head for heights you can scale Sydney Harbour bridge on foot, walk a skybridge above the city of Kyoto or take a zip wire ride above the jungle in St Lucia. And to really get away from it all how about camping out under the stars in the desert? One thing’s for sure, when you dock back at Southampton, you won’t want to get off the ship.

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