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Seriously Big blocks of flats in Hong Kong photo

Seriously Big blocks of flats in Hong Kong

There is obviously a massive shortage of space in Hong Kong, it’s amazing to see so many extremely huge blocks of flats.

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Hong Kong Energy saving escalators photo

Hong Kong Energy saving escalators

Well the Hongkongers here are extremely clever when it comes to energy saving escalators, all they do is switch them off.

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Hong Kong Western Restaurant photo

Hong Kong Western Restaurant

I can’t believe it, we are the only people eating Chinese food. I’m not sure how I managed to miss the Knife, fork and ketchup on the table. There are even photos of English like dishes on the table which I also failed to notice. As we sit the other Chinese here are being served […]

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Pharmaceutical Masks photo

Pharmaceutical Masks

This is certainly great etiquette in Hong Kong and China, if you have a cold or flu you wear a pharmaceutical mask which kills any bacteria leaving your mouth and nose. This stops the spreading of any airbourne illness. Obviously when you are in such a densely populated city this is a necesitty, I wonder […]

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Bamboo Scaffholding photo

Bamboo Scaffholding

There has always been something to amaze me when travelling in Asia. Perhaps one that I feel is the craziest, is the bamboo scaffolding used instead of steel. I’m sure that it works well considering I’ve now seen this used over 20 floors high, but would you dare climb it? I’m still not sure why […]

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Ngong Ping 360 Cable car accident photo

Ngong Ping 360 Cable car accident

Great the cable car we are taking to the top of Lantau island has been shut for 6 months as a car fell off. It fell over 50 meters before suddenly being stopped by the ground. Luckily there was no one in it! They have no idea what caused the car to fall off but […]

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Hong Kong in the Flog photo

Hong Kong in the Flog

When trying to ask the waiter in the restaurant on top of Victoria Peak how often the fog is like this, he was rather puzzled and could not work out what we were on about. After several minutes he can back and replied “ahh the flog”. Brilliant. Apparantly March is one of the worst months […]

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Dropping stuff out windows photo

Dropping stuff out windows

Stop doing this!! It’s wrong. An amusing message left outside our Hong Kong apartment this morning. People have been complaining about residents throwing objects out of the windows. What’s wrong with that from the 20th floor?

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AquaDom/AquaDome – Berlin Sealife Centre

The AquaDom in Berlin, it was ok, although extremely hyped up. No comparison to the Great Barrier Reef… Sydney here we come 🙂

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Rafting in Köprülü Kanyon National Park, Turkey

Situated over the Köprüçay is an old Romain stone bridge spanning Köprülü Kanyon, which is still in use today. It is this bridge (Köprülü) that the fast flowing river gets its name from. The rafting here was fun, but nothing like the Futaleufu River, Chili or the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Here the rapids are […]

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