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Butchers in Moshi, Tanzania
Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island
Summer Palace, China
Dorota on Brighton Beach

Best job in the world?

Best job in the world? - feature photo

Best job in the World? It’s true, this is most definately one of the best jobs in the world, the other would be getting paid to travel the world. Almost £70k for 6 months work, free apartment with no bills to pay, and you only have to work 12 hours a wekk!

I had seriously considered applying for it, and a friend of mine who works for a TV production company offered to help. But have decided today that I am not going to. I am sure there are going to be another 10,000 people out there who have a considerable amount of time available to invest into their application which I just don’t have.

Anyway I’ve already been to the Whitsunday Islands and thinking about it, I would probably get a little bored after 6 months.

If you want to apply check out the following site