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Buying a flat in Brighton

I got an amusing email over the weekend asking for a Tesco Value with sympathy card, so I have had the pleasure creating one and it is up with the others here. I wonder if someone will still see the funny side in it?

Apart from pretending I was a designer for Clinton cards I spent the weekend looking at all sorts of strange Victorian conversions within the Brighton area. As i’m buying a flat in Brighton. The thing I just don’t understand is why the hell some flats have a massive bedroom and a tiny lounge. The others all have a massive lounge and a tiny bedroom. With every bathroom being the same size, ie the length of a bath and JUST wide enough to have a sink and toilet. This doesn’t bother me as I only need to wash and excrete in there. But all the bedrooms so far are only big enough for a bed, with no furniture. Or the the lounge will only fit one sofa and no where for a table…

Aghh… this has been driving me mad insane, until I saw a converted church in Kemptown. Its not a normal looking church as for some reason it’s been painted bright Yellow. But all the same it seems the nearest to perfect that I can get without spending almost quarter of a million on a flat! If only I lived in Newcastle. As everything is a quarter of the price.

I’ve ended up putting an offer in for the full asking price but I still don’t think that I will get it. I have to wait around all day today wondering if they will take it… I have a feeling that someone is going to gazump me.

The thing that really annoys me is that how the hell do I know if the estate agent is lying? I mean they say someone has put an offer in for ‘x’ amount and you put an offer in for ‘x+£1000’. The mysterious buyer puts an offer for ‘x+£2000’ and so on. But this other buyer may never exist, are there any laws for this?

Anyway lets wait and see what happens… whilst i’m still trying to buy a flat in Brighton.

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