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Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 3

Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 3 - feature photo

Ok I am so dehydrated, my mouth feels as dry as a nuns crack athletes foot. The atmosphere is like a sponge sucking me dry. It’s 0630 again, and the tent is completely frozen. This is going to be a cold day.

Yet again I’m scared for my head. It’s never come this close to exploding. My head is going to explode!
After climbing up to the Lava tower at 4600m my headache is the worst ever, I’m taking such small steps at times, where my boot only just passes the end of the other.

I feel like a goldfish in a bag struggling for air. Every 4 or 5 breaths I take up here feels the same as one back home. I’m struggling to stop myself from being sick. I’m worried I’m going to be the first to chuck up. Luckily for my pride Will owned up to feeling ill as well. On the way back down to a new camp for us to stay Tom K really struggled. To think we have to climb a 1500m straight up section tomorrow is scaring me. We climbed 800m today and we are all suffering with extreme headaches.
It still seems somewhat surreal living in the clouds, I’m now almost living at the heights I used to skydive from.

My writing is really bad, my hands have swollen up due to a lack of something called air pressure. Funny thought, as I swear there is no air up here.

Been dreaming weird stuff and having the most uncomfortable sleep ever.

After getting to the camp we went over the map to see what is in store for us tomorrow. I am for the first time in my life scared. We are now all quietly waiting the perpetual vomiting which is coming that we have heard so much about. I can’t wait to come back down.

The day before we summit we have a 7 hour trek, then a 4 hour break to hopefully get some sleep. Then we will probably be leaving at midnight for an 8 hour climb of the steepest part to spend 15 minutes on the summit marvelling the views before spending another 7 hours coming back down.
Lack of oxygen really is making it hard to do anything… I couldn’t pass a s primary school spelling test!

Ok I’m bored. I’m still in my tent waiting for the poor person to have to cook my dinner, after spending an hour resting to relieve my head. Wow I’ve just remembered to do something, I am so impressed. I’ve just put my camera batteries in the storage pouch in my sleeping bag (the cold makes them go flat rather quickly) and to take my head touch with me for dinner. It goes from light to dark so quickly on the equator.

Tom is looking for his notepad to get the guide to write down the words to this Swahili song which we are now unable to sing as we are struggling to walk.

This is reading so positive and to think the worst is still to come including delusion, paranoia and confusion. Cool, David Coats has just informed me about hallucinations, we are basically asphyxiating ourselves. Maybe this is my chance to follow Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz up the mountain.

Right I’m getting out of the tent, Tom has just registered us with the Park Warden as Pimp, Ho, Chigalo etc… We’ve now changed our job titles from Superheros as if they would know what SEOs are anyway. I really hope that none of us actually get lost!

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