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Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 4

Climbing Kilimanjaro Day 4 - feature photo

Today was our first lye in, we didn’t need to get up until 0700. After the world’s worst breakfast consisting of cornflakes with hot water and milk powder we set off to Karango. It’s only taken about 5 hours to get here. Lots of ups and downs but now we are at the top of the valley. I have the world’s best view of the clouds below me it’s awesome. We are just going to have some food and then we are off to climb higher before we sleep.

Well we have just had dinner after coming back from taking a peak of Barafu camp (base camp). It was the most incredible feeling ever. This was our first proper view of the summit. I have never felt this excited my whole life, I just want to climb it now. All the fear and anxiousness has gone due to the sheer excitement. Above me is the 4th highest free standing peak in the world and I’m going to be there, below me the sky I normally look up to and dream of being in. Bliss.

We have a lay in tomorrow, we get up at 0700. We will be trekking to Barafu camp, from here is where we will summit. This is our last and final stop before summiting.

I am praying I am as fit on the summit as I am now. I really want to go down into the crater.

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