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Ikea shopping for our new flat

Ikea shopping for our new flat - feature photo

Today was the most stressful day we both have had since arriving in Sydney, and believe me moving countries isn’t the easiest of tasks.

It started ok, we walked to Europcar in Pyrmont and picked up our little Hyundai getz which would drive us around for the day. No tom toms were available but I was relatively confident with my homemade maps. Even Ikea started ok it was relatively quiet.

It all started to get rather stressful when we were at the end and trying to collect all the goods. Some things weren’t in the right places, other things out of stock in one place to find out they were somewhere else.

What made the day increasingly more difficult was the fact that we started with one trolley and finished with seven! When there is only two of you it isn’t easy to move around Ikea with seven trolleys. Obviously we were given strange looks from Ikea staff when asking them for help. Yes having to ask for help, and still getting blunt remarks and no help.

After getting all the trolleys through the cashier desk and remaining conscious through paying the bill we managed to get some help with moving our goods to the home delivery counter.

Now we aren’t moving for two weeks so thought we would go there early and buy all our stuff and arrange to have it all delivered the day we move in. IKEA ONLY DO NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Yes that’s right, a small little clause which isn’t in their catalogue. So we had to arrange for the delivery to come to our current one bedroom flat, not good when you have furniture for a two bedroom flat trying to fit into an already furnished one bedroom apartment.

With out anymore boring details, the day ended up with me seeing some poor stupid lady get run over. The car in front of me went straight over the top of her legs/waist. Amazingly she got up herself before collapsing and her friends carrying her. Some misendevours with trying to return the car thanks to all the one way roads around Broadway and Pyrmont to forget to fill it up with petrol. And finally ending the day with our taxi driver trying to rip us off on our trip to the Opera House. As we are both foreign taxi drivers often take us on wild journeys as they think we are tourists! I hate Australian taxi drivers.