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Kendrick Property Services

Well I have to say that Kendrick Property Services in Kemp Town are maybe the worst estate agent in Brighton!

To cut a long story short they are guilty of severe malpractice. I placed an offer 10% over the other buyer and was offering to pay with cash, and for some strange reason this offer was not given to the vendor!?!?!

Now why oh why would an estate agent not put a higher offer through? Considering they get a commission on the sale! The only theories that I can come up with are that they knew the buyer, or the estate agent was getting a nice backhander or something?

So my little dream flat is no longer to be, and I will be taking this complaint up with the ombudsman. But firstly I want to find the owner of the property so I can explain the situation to him with the hope that the sale will not go ahead.

I can remember watching a television programme on this very same thing, and it is actually very surprising how often this occurs!

Kendrick Property Services are most probably the worst estate agent in Brighton.

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