Alex on Camel, Egypt
Butchers in Moshi, Tanzania
Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island
Summer Palace, China
Dorota on Brighton Beach

Poor at updating my travel blog

Poor at updating my travel blog - feature photo

Well I have disappointed myself recently with my severe lack of blogging this year. However on the other hand I have been travelling quite a lot and just haven’t had time to blog.
In the last 6 months I have travelled rather frequently and have loved every trip I have been on, in one way or the other.

Let’s look where I have been this year… Do Brighton Sewers count?

Bucharest (Romania),
Alanya (Turkey),
Brussels (Belgium),
Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, Maastricht, Scheveningen, Schiermonnikoog and Volendam (The Netherlands),
Paris (France)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Hurghada (Egypt)

Actually when it comes to Amsterdam I have been there the 10th time this weekend, hence why I have been so rubbish at updating my travel blog.
I have some great photos of many of these places to put on in the gallery and some great places to write about. However I’m off to Amsterdam this weekend and Poland next weekend so doubt I will get round to starting to write any of my trips up until then.
Well I shouldn’t moan about all my travelling as one day it will have to stop, but my next proper planned trip is for 10 days to travel round Poland for Christmas.

Bring on Polska!