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Rafting in Köprülü Kanyon National Park, Turkey

Situated over the Köprüçay is an old Romain stone bridge spanning Köprülü Kanyon, which is still in use today. It is this bridge (Köprülü) that the fast flowing river gets its name from.

The rafting here was fun, but nothing like the Futaleufu River, Chili or the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Here the rapids are all really easy, class 1 & 2, certain times of the year after flooding the river is much more wild but you would have to get to Turkey for the right time.

The best part of rafting here is the amazing gorge, the scenery is simply breathtaking and I could only imagine being in New Zealand not near Antalya, Turkey.

I would most certainly recommned spending more than a day here. Spend the first day rafting with Airraft and the second hiking to Selge (Altinkaya) which is up in the mountain. Where you can find the acient ruins of a Roman theatre, Temple of Zeus and old city walls.

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