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Scuba Diving the Giannis D ship wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt

Diving the Giannis D was most definately my favourite dive whilst we were in Egypt. We were very lucky to be able to dive the wreck as we were told that there was a 50-75% chance of us not being able to dive there. This is due to the cross winds over this point in the Red Sea stiring some very strong currents and waves.

I have only ever dived once before when the water was so rough, this was when I was in Australia and was a few years back. It was quite hard to descend as the rough see almost instantly threw you back up to the surface as if it was spitting you out in disgust. But once we were below 5 meters all was fine and we were able to continue with our dive.

The marine life was great we managed to see pufferfish, groupers, lionfish and plenty others. We were told that there are also octopus and at certain times dolphins playing around the wreck.

The Giannis D ship sunk on April 19th 1983 after crashing full speed into the corner of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. It was sailing from Croatia destined to the Saudi Arabian Port of Jeddah. The Giannis D is a Japanese cargo vessel which was built in 1969 and was originally named Shoyo Maru.