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Snooper GPS Speed Camera Detector

Snooper S6

Road Angel Speed Camera Detector

Well after my little speeding incident on the M4, and following 4 points and a £205 fine I have started to look into finding the best speed camera detector. I have been looking at the Tom Tom safety camera detector but so far the Snooper and Road Angel speed camera detectors seem the best. The advantage with the Tom Tom speed camera detector is that it can be integrated with my sat nav. Anyone know if there are any other integrated Sat Nav speed camera dectectors?

Here are some of the Speed Camera Dectectors I have been looking at;

Talex TAL-04-101 – Speed Camera Detector
The Road Angel
Road Angel with Lazer Alert
Snooper S4 Neo
S3 – GPS Speedtrap Detector with Laser Alert

And of course the big daddy…

Snooper S6

If anyone has any advice on what GPS camera dectector I should buy please leave a comment for me and of course a mini review or comparisons would be useful to myself and other people looking to buy a cheap speed camera dector… or should I say a radar safety camera unit 🙂