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Stoned Brighton Dancer

Well haven’t managed to blog for a while and yes I have had many many things to rant about! Just been so busy decorating my new flat I haven’t had time to write.

But yesterday something happened which made me remember why I love working in Brighton so much! Yes it was some strange deluded bloke who must have been pilled up or stoned. He spent at least an hour dancing away on his balcony with his music so loud we could hear it across the road at work with the windows shut!
Anyway we had to give him a round of applause for his amazing performance to Simply Red, where he shied away steamily embarrassed. But it didn’t stop him coming back out when his second favourite song came on!

The funniest part was the 30 or so French exchange students who were walking past the Royal Bank of Scotland applauding the stoned dancer in Brighton which must have given him an increased boost of self confidence!

I didn’t get to video all of it have too much on, but just enough time to let you all know about it and of course to upload it to the world!
Check out the Stoned Brighton Dancer video