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Suspended debit/credit card whilst travelling abroad?

Well firstly I can’t believe it has so very almost happened to me again. But this time good on Barclays to only suspend my card when I returned to the UK rather than when I would be in Brussels tomorrow!
I received a phone call today from Barclays fraud department explaining that my card had been suspended due to a spending pattern apparently matching fraudulent use. This is strange as the last time this happened I was in Shanghai and couldn’t use any of my cards and had to wait until the next day to get my card reauthorised. It was rather amusing when I spoke to the guy on the phone as he listed off my recent spending activity which consisted of purchases at 3 different airports within 3 different countries in the space of 12 hours, 12 flights booked and various payments to Expedia and some other online accommodation websites all in the space of a week. It’s quite obvious from looking at it why they thought it was suspicious.

Anyway I explained to the man on the phone that this is often happening to me and he informed me that when I know that I am going to be travelling to many different countries in a short space of time to let them know and they can stop this from happening. I told him of my future destinations for the next two months which consist of Poland again, USA, Netherlands and Brussels and to my satisfaction I’ve been informed that my card use will be fine. Horary to Barclays 🙂

I suggest that anyone who is travelling frequently to call your credit/debit card provider and let their fraud department know where you are travelling. You don’t want your card suspended whilst thousands of miles away from home.

Have you encountered your card being suspended whilst travelling away from home?