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Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton

Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton - feature photo

Well last night I went to the Komedia club in Brighton, and went to the Tag Comedy night.

“coming on to the pitch as a substitute and getting put straight in goal for a penalty”, “doing all the work with the foreplay and not getting any actual sex”.

Argus interviews Stephen Grant.

It was fantastic and Milton Jones was the star of the show but of course the regular Stephen Grant was excellent too once he got warmed up. The other top comedians there were Rusell Howard and Ben Norris.

There was no compere and it was a totally new concept in stand up comic. Having four of the best UK circuit comedians on stage coming on and off the stage by tagging each other was excellent. It worked by quite simply one comedian doing his standup and as soon as another comedian thought of a link between what the other just said he would then get up and take over. So any act can bring on any other act, in any other order.< The performance was a combination of their normal comedy routines and interactions with the crowds, but had no fixed time limits and no running order. So they could be up there for 2 minutes or 20! The night was absolutely fantastic, the food was excellent and hope its on again soon! Komedia, Brighton From 8:30pm Price: £8.00/£6.00 01273 647100

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