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Scheveningen Beach, Den Haag, Holland, The Netherlands photo

Scheveningen Beach, Den Haag, Holland, The Netherlands

Scheveningen is part of Den Haag, which is known as The Hague to us in the UK. Scheveningen was a bit surprise for me to be honest, I was a little shocked to see an amazingly long, wide sandy beach on the coast of the Netherlands! The beach is also complete with a pier, esplanade […]

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Pinnacles Desert, Lancelin photo

Pinnacles Desert, Lancelin

Lancelin is around an hour and a halfs drive north of Perth, Western Australia and is home to the Nambung National Park, Pinnacles Desert and Cervantes beach. Cervantes beach is famous for its world class windsurfing. (Noted on the International Windsurfing Circuit.) If you don’t like the water you can always go sand boarding on […]

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Koh Phi Phi, Thailand photo

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi is one of the nicest places I came across traveling, I arrived a few weeks after the tsunami and to be honest the people of Koh Phi Phi had done a fantastic job of clearing up the debris. It was quite heart breaking as people were still diving around the shores looking […]

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Cairns, 150m AJ Hackett Para Bungy, Australia photo

Cairns, 150m AJ Hackett Para Bungy, Australia

For all the thrill seekers out there in traveling Australia, if you and when you end up in Cairns you have to make sure you play AJ Hackett a visit. Their latest invention in Bungy jumping is the Parabungy and sets a new benchmark for bungy jumping being 150m high! This being the highest AJ […]

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Cairns, Scuba Diving photo

Cairns, Scuba Diving

Secondly to Sydney this has to be one of the best places to have fun in Australia. It was so good I actually went there twice in the space of a year. Cairns is where I completed my PADI Advanced Open water dive course. I went with Downunder Dive on their Atlantic Clipper for a […]

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Fraser Island, Lake Mc Kenzie photo

Fraser Island, Lake Mc Kenzie

This is Lake Mc Kenzie and was defiantly the best part of Fraser Island to me. It had crystal clear blue water and white silicon sand, it has an area of over 150 hectares and is about 5m deep. It is sat on a gigantic sand dune. The sand is actually silicon which makes this […]

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