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Scheveningen Beach, Den Haag, Holland, The Netherlands photo

Scheveningen Beach, Den Haag, Holland, The Netherlands

Scheveningen is part of Den Haag, which is known as The Hague to us in the UK. Scheveningen was a bit surprise for me to be honest, I was a little shocked to see an amazingly long, wide sandy beach on the coast of the Netherlands! The beach is also complete with a pier, esplanade […]

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Stoned Brighton Dancer

Well haven’t managed to blog for a while and yes I have had many many things to rant about! Just been so busy decorating my new flat I haven’t had time to write. But yesterday something happened which made me remember why I love working in Brighton so much! Yes it was some strange deluded […]

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Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton photo

Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton

Well last night I went to the Komedia club in Brighton, and went to the Tag Comedy night. “coming on to the pitch as a substitute and getting put straight in goal for a penalty”, “doing all the work with the foreplay and not getting any actual sex”. Argus interviews Stephen Grant. It was fantastic […]

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Kendrick Property Services

Well I have to say that Kendrick Property Services in Kemp Town are maybe the worst estate agent in Brighton! To cut a long story short they are guilty of severe malpractice. I placed an offer 10% over the other buyer and was offering to pay with cash, and for some strange reason this offer […]

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Brighton Bus Drivers

Well have to stereotype here but they are all wankers. Actually they are not all like that at all, just the ‘Park & Ride’ bus driver this morning. Who waited for another lady and I to get to the doors of the bus and then drive off and close the doors whilst moving… He was […]

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Buying a flat in Brighton

I got an amusing email over the weekend asking for a Tesco Value with sympathy card, so I have had the pleasure creating one and it is up with the others here. I wonder if someone will still see the funny side in it? Apart from pretending I was a designer for Clinton cards I […]

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My first Post!

Welcome to my very first blog… This is not really my thing as who the hell would want to read someone else’s mundane thoughts. Especially as most people have enough on their own plates. However working with a media company, it is full of geeks who absolutely love all this stuff and feeling pier pressure […]

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