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Apex City of London Hotel, Tower Bridge

Today I got a reply from the Apex City Hotel London. It was a very pleasant letter from Yousif Al-Wagga the general manager of the Apex Hotels group giving hiis sincere apolgies for the problems I experienced with the Apex City of London Hotel. They have taken appropriate action to ensure that such mistakes are […]

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Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton photo

Tag Comedy, Komedia, Brighton

Well last night I went to the Komedia club in Brighton, and went to the Tag Comedy night. “coming on to the pitch as a substitute and getting put straight in goal for a penalty”, “doing all the work with the foreplay and not getting any actual sex”. Argus interviews Stephen Grant. It was fantastic […]

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Brighton Bus Drivers

Well have to stereotype here but they are all wankers. Actually they are not all like that at all, just the ‘Park & Ride’ bus driver this morning. Who waited for another lady and I to get to the doors of the bus and then drive off and close the doors whilst moving… He was […]

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Buying a flat in Brighton

I got an amusing email over the weekend asking for a Tesco Value with sympathy card, so I have had the pleasure creating one and it is up with the others here. I wonder if someone will still see the funny side in it? Apart from pretending I was a designer for Clinton cards I […]

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