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Kinderdijk Windmills, Holland, The Netherlands photo

Kinderdijk Windmills, Holland, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its dutch windmills, there are more than 1000 windmills in the Netherlands. So we thought Kinderdijk was worth a visit as it’s only just over an hours drive from Amsterdam. Kinderdijk is a small town near Rotterdam where there are 19 old windmills which were built around 1740, which are […]

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Uluru, Ayre’s Rock, Australia photo

Uluru, Ayre’s Rock, Australia

I suppose my travel blog would never be complete without a photo of Ayer’s Rock or Uluru as it is now known. (It recently took back its Aboriginal name). I didn’t want to start this off with another typical photo of Ayres Rock, so thought a view from the top over looking Yulara would be […]

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Hamelin Pool, Stromatolites photo

Hamelin Pool, Stromatolites

Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve is one of only two places in the world with stromatolites, the others are at Glacier National Park in Montana USA. I think these ones near Shark Bay are the most interesting as NASA were there just before us undertaking a field trip to examine the stromatolites. They were discovered […]

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Fraser Island, Lake Mc Kenzie photo

Fraser Island, Lake Mc Kenzie

This is Lake Mc Kenzie and was defiantly the best part of Fraser Island to me. It had crystal clear blue water and white silicon sand, it has an area of over 150 hectares and is about 5m deep. It is sat on a gigantic sand dune. The sand is actually silicon which makes this […]

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The Summer Palace an imperial garden in Beijing photo

The Summer Palace an imperial garden in Beijing

The Summer palace is the biggest imperial garden in China, and beyond doubt is the best preserved out of all the imperial gardens. It was built in 1750 and was originally called the “Garden of Clear Ripples” but most of it was destroyed in 1860 (The allied forces of Britain and France wanted to secure […]

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