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The Batu Caves, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur

The Batu Caves, Gombak, Kuala Lumpur - feature photo

The Batu Caves in Malaysia were discovered in 1892 and are about 7 miles north of Kuala Lumpur and turned out to be about an hours trek on a local non air conditioned bus!

The limestone caves are sacred for the Malaysian Hindus and consist of three main caves 400m long and up to 100 meters high and a few smaller ones. The biggest and most popular is Temple Cave.

Every year at the end of January (the 10th month in the Hindu calendar) the Batu Caves hold the Thaipusam festival, I would not recommend to go during this time as just under a million devotees and other visitors will invade the area for celebration of the son of Shiva known as Subramaniam and the becoming of Pusan. As a type of sacrifice the many devotees carry kavadis (basically burden), and attach many types of decorative frameworks to themselves with nice great big hooks pieced through their skin and even there tongues and cheeks!!! They believe that doing this their gods will owe them a favour, work that one out?

Anyway once you are here be on guard for some extremely friendly well street know ledged macaque monkeys they tried to steel my camera, luckily for me they only tricked me out of my bottle of water. (I tried chasing but I couldn’t keep up with the little bugger up the staircase which has 272 steps!) You can buy alternative food which should keep them away from the shiny items you may be carrying so stash up on peanuts and bananas before you go 😉

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