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The Great Wall of China, Simatai

The Great Wall of China, Simatai - feature photo

Simatai is most definatly the best location to travel to, to see the Great Wall of China. It is just east to the Janshanlang part of the Great Wall. Simatai is also very quiet compared to the other parts of the wall, especially Badaling. There is an excellent hostel near the Simatai section of the Great Wall callled the Simatai Great Wall International Youth Hostel which can be booked online.

A popular travel trek along the Great Wall of China is from Janshanlang to Simatai, its about six miles and is quite a walk to the top! The views over Simatai are spectacularly awesome, and of course you don’t have to walk the entire way back down, you can ride a flying fox to the bottom 😉

The stretch is within a days travel from Beijing. It is around 80 miles north east of Beijing, and due to this there are not enormous crowds of tourists and backpackers. The natural damage to this part of the wall helps proclaim its authenticity earning it the reputation of being the most beautiful stretch of the Great Wall. So if your off travelling to China, make sure you pay Simatai a visit!

The Great Wall of China, Simatai – Travel Photos