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Windows Live Mail

Well Microsoft have just released their Windows Live Mail which is set to superseed Hotmail. A new Hotmail indeed, its fantastic and certainly will give Googles Gmail Google Mail a run for its money!

Windows Live Mail

Its all designed in AJAX code, which is fantastic it means that your browser doesn’t have to reload the entire page. It only loads the part that you are requesting which makes it extraordinarily fast.

As you can see its very clean compared to the normal cluttered Hotmail, so I give it the thumbs up all round, I cant make any complaints yet, and it’s still in Beta.

The best points about Windows Live Mail are;

  • 2 GB of storage
  • Instantaneous spell checker just like in Office
  • Previews of your messages you can read without leaving your inbox
  • Drag-and-drop organisation
  • One-click control over junk and scam e-mails
  • Right-click power so you can reply, delete, and forward

You can Sign up for Windows Live Mail for Beta testing now, and of course keep an eye out on the new MSN Messenger.