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My First Solo Skydive Video, Picton, Sydney

Well after completing my accelerated free fall course with Sydney Skydivers on 12/01/2005, here is the video of my first solo skydive. Skydiving is most definitely the most exhilarating hobby I have had, unfortunately I haven’t been able to skydive in the UK since getting home. This isn’t down to the price of skydiving as […]

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Best job in the world? photo

Best job in the world?

Best job in the World? It’s true, this is most definately one of the best jobs in the world, the other would be getting paid to travel the world. Almost £70k for 6 months work, free apartment with no bills to pay, and you only have to work 12 hours a wekk! I had seriously […]

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Where have I been to? Countries & Cities photo

Where have I been to? Countries & Cities

For no particular reason other than this arising in conversation the other day in the pub, I thought that I would start a list of all the countries and places I have visited (apart from home), so that one day I can look back and say wow… and get told by my grand children that […]

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The end of 2008 – And another year of travelling

Well the end of 2007 was interesting but I knew that I was in for an excellent 2008. On one side it could be seen as terrible but to me it’s been one of the best years ever. I’m sat here typing with a broken scaphiod in my right hand with my arm in cast […]

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Our Christmas Road trip from Amsterdam to Tychy

View Larger Map On Friday 19th December I took my EasyJet flight to Schiphol (AMS) airport in Amsterdam to meet Dorota. We would have a nights rest before we set off on our 2,746km roadtrip to Poland and back. We got to Tychy in Poland around 2100 after 1,157km and an 11 hour drive. The […]

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Scuba Diving the Carnatic ship wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt

We set sail from the Marriott hotel with the Aquarius Dive Club at around 0730 with the hope of diving the Giannis D. Its position in the Red Sea makes it often not possible to dive, due to the strong currents and rough sea. We were the last people on the boat and everyone […]

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Scuba Diving the Giannis D ship wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt

Diving the Giannis D was most definately my favourite dive whilst we were in Egypt. We were very lucky to be able to dive the wreck as we were told that there was a 50-75% chance of us not being able to dive there. This is due to the cross winds over this point in […]

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Near crash experience photo

Near crash experience

So so so close. During our drive from Wroclaw to Berlin we had about 2 inches of snow fall in about 30 minutes, which was quickly building up on the motorway. Bearing in mind that the road was already covered in ice and snow made driving rather stressful. Driving an oddly balanced Toyota Prius hybrid […]

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