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Leaving the Deck Chair and Exploring the Boat: 3 Tips for Your Cruise

Leaving the Deck Chair and Exploring the Boat: 3 Tips for Your Cruise - feature photo

Sitting on a deck chair and roasting your skin the colour of a Maine lobster is a noble way to spend your time on a Caribbean cruise. The majority of us book cruises to do just that. If not the bright pink colour of a lobster, then we at least want our tan to resemble the golden-red hues of a mango or some other exotic fruit. For most of us, as we glide through the smooth waters of the Caribbean the deck chair becomes an extension of our bodies. We apply suntan lotion. We turn the page of our murder mystery paperback. Charming waiters bring colourful umbrella drinks to us. However, we all know that some people have a difficult time relaxing. The idea of lazing away the hours and weeks is as painful to some people as a root canal. Boredom quickly sets in. Ennui is not far behind. The next think you know you are restlessly pacing the ship’s deck like a caged animal. So much for the holiday you have been planning for the past 6 months, right? No, that is not the case at all.

Caribbean cruises are more than lounge chairs and scenic vistas. The majority of cruise lines have meticulous schedules and daily itineraries. While docking at a port in Barbados, St. Lucia or Jamaica is sure to be the highlight of your cruise holiday, as this is where you can indulge in such excursions as horseback riding or deep-sea diving, the days spent on the open ocean can be just as active and adventurous. Here are three activities that you will find on most cruise ships that do not involve deck chairs and coconut suntan lotion.

1. Why not try your hand at rock climbing? Many modern cruise lines are outfitted with an artificial rock wall. If you have always wanted to try rock climbing, then this is the perfect opportunity. Scaling a cliff on a floating vessel in the middle of the Caribbean is sure to be a memorable experience. Skilled instructors will help you every step of the way. If the rock wall is too extreme, then most cruise ships have an extensive fitness facility. There is no reason to miss your daily workout.


2. Take a class. Cooking and dancing lessons are offered on many cruise ships. Learn how to make traditional Caribbean cuisine from a skilled chef. Dance lessons range from salsa and tango to waltz and hip-hop. Just check the ship’s itinerary to see what is being offered.



is a popular and exciting activity on many cruises. Once again there are often experienced instructors on board to help you with the rules and tactics.






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