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Butchers in Moshi, Tanzania
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Summer Palace, China
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Back from Kilimanjaro, in Moshi

Back from Kilimanjaro, in Moshi - feature photo

I tried so hard to lye in bed as was so knackered from the climb but due to the habit of getting gup at 0630 I was wide awake. I went for breakfast and most of the others had the same problem and were there too.

We got taxis into town and were jumped on by everyone it was hell. Not what you want after trying to recover from climbing a mountain. We couldn’t walk more than two steps before people trying to sell us crap. We bumped into a few people from the climb. We coincidentally met up with Male, Sunday and Diedus so went for lunch with them and then decided to just get taxis back to the hotel.

I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes trying to sort my washing out as the hotel had mixed it up with other guests, luckily 90% of the hotel was filled with my friends so I was more than positive they weren’t going to steal my lucky pants I had worn for almost the last week. Morons. I have about an hour before we are off to the Amani Children’s Home and get our arses whipped at football.
How have i got myself into this?