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Cairns, 150m AJ Hackett Para Bungy, Australia

Cairns, 150m AJ Hackett Para Bungy, Australia - feature photo

For all the thrill seekers out there in traveling Australia, if you and when you end up in Cairns you have to make sure you play AJ Hackett a visit. Their latest invention in Bungy jumping is the Parabungy and sets a new benchmark for bungy jumping being 150m high! This being the highest AJ Hackett bungy jump in the world, it’s not quite skydiving but does allow for a few seconds of free fall before you start taking up the slack in the bungy cord. They were planning on making a higher one whilst I was there, so you never know the time you get there you could be jumping something even higher.

The way this works is that firstly there are two speed boats. One to tow you high up into the air above Cairns tremendous beaches and of course above the great barrier reef. The second is to catch you whilst your hanging 150m underneath a parasail doing about 20 knots.

So both boats get up to a steady speed and then what happens is that they strap your harness on, sit you on a platform with a bungy operator sat behind you and when everything is ready they throw out the canopy or parasail and let it fill with air. The platform you are both sat on is winch controlled and once the canopy is fully inflated and it is creating enough lift to pick you up then start to winch you out, at the same time the boat gets faster to create enough lift to get you at the correct altitude.

Your altitude is measured with a wrist alitmeter, due to the seas waves and the changes in wind and air pressure your altitude does vary quite a bit. Once at the correct altitude, 150m you are notified that its time to jump bungyyyy!

If your passing Cairns and want to seek some fun you can’t miss this out, get jumping.

You can find AJ Hacketts Para Bungy Headquarters on the Corner of Aplin Street & Esplanade at “Barrier Reef Photos” Cairns, Queensland, Australia PO Box 700, Smithfield Qld 4878

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