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Pinnacles Desert, Lancelin

Pinnacles Desert, Lancelin - feature photo

Lancelin is around an hour and a halfs drive north of Perth, Western Australia and is home to the Nambung National Park, Pinnacles Desert and Cervantes beach. Cervantes beach is famous for its world class windsurfing. (Noted on the International Windsurfing Circuit.) If you don’t like the water you can always go sand boarding on the giant sand dunes if you don’t mind cleaning sand out of your ears for the next few days.

The remarkable stone columns are known as the Pinnacles, some are several feet tall others only come up to your ankles. These Pinnacles were formed from tree roots that once penetrated deep into limestone. Due to water being active in the limestone, calcite was deposited around the roots. Then the softer limestone was eroded away over time and left the Pinnacles remaining.

If your looking for someone nice to stay which is reasonably priced, we stayed in Lancelin Lodge which was a rather nice 4 star hostel which cost from $23-$55 a night.

I also recommend taking the Big Foot American school bus for a ride over the sand dunes… awesome!

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