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Rafting in Köprülü Kanyon National Park, Turkey

Situated over the Köprüçay is an old Romain stone bridge spanning Köprülü Kanyon, which is still in use today. It is this bridge (Köprülü) that the fast flowing river gets its name from. The rafting here was fun, but nothing like the Futaleufu River, Chili or the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Here the rapids are […]

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My First Solo Skydive Video, Picton, Sydney

Well after completing my accelerated free fall course with Sydney Skydivers on 12/01/2005, here is the video of my first solo skydive. Skydiving is most definitely the most exhilarating hobby I have had, unfortunately I haven’t been able to skydive in the UK since getting home. This isn’t down to the price of skydiving as […]

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Scuba Diving the Carnatic ship wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt

We set sail from the Marriott hotel with the Aquarius Dive Club at around 0730 with the hope of diving the Giannis D. Its position in the Red Sea makes it often not possible to dive, due to the strong currents and rough sea. We were the last people on the boat and everyone […]

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Canon HF10 High Definition (HD) Camcorder Review photo

Canon HF10 High Definition (HD) Camcorder Review

Well this is just a quick post which hopefully I will get round to edit a bit later 😉 I’ve just ordered a Canon HF10 HD camera to what is planned to be able to make some shorts of my travelling adventures. I’m not too sure how well they will go, but lets wait and […]

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