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The end of 2008 – And another year of travelling

Well the end of 2007 was interesting but I knew that I was in for an excellent 2008. On one side it could be seen as terrible but to me it’s been one of the best years ever. I’m sat here typing with a broken scaphiod in my right hand with my arm in cast […]

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Charity Challenge 2009? photo

Charity Challenge 2009?

Well it is coming up to the end of the year and I am thinking of what I can do for my next upcoming charity challenge. Unfortutely it can’t be too active, well by that I mean I can’t do any repetitive knee movements (well not for the next 6 months). I injured my knee […]

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Canon HF10 High Definition (HD) Camcorder Review photo

Canon HF10 High Definition (HD) Camcorder Review

Well this is just a quick post which hopefully I will get round to edit a bit later 😉 I’ve just ordered a Canon HF10 HD camera to what is planned to be able to make some shorts of my travelling adventures. I’m not too sure how well they will go, but lets wait and […]

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The Amani Children’s New Playground photo

The Amani Children’s New Playground

Following on from my posts about climbing Kilimanjaro for charity I was really pleased to recently get an email from Valerie the director of the Amani Childrens Home. Just a little over a year ago a group of 7 of my friends and I succesfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro by the Machame route raising just over […]

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Suspended debit/credit card whilst travelling abroad?

Well firstly I can’t believe it has so very almost happened to me again. But this time good on Barclays to only suspend my card when I returned to the UK rather than when I would be in Brussels tomorrow! I received a phone call today from Barclays fraud department explaining that my card had […]

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Have you ever wondered how they demolish airplanes?

If you ever wondered how they demolish airplanes here is a nice short time lapsed video. It’s certainly not quite as eloquent as I thought it would be!

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Planes grounded at UK airports

Many flights from Airports in the UK have been cancelled and delayed by a computer fault at the UK’s main air traffic control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire. All flights out of the UK from Luton airport have been suspended due to air traffic control restrictions. Even arrivals have been subject to delays. Travellers have been […]

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Poor at updating my travel blog photo

Poor at updating my travel blog

Well I have disappointed myself recently with my severe lack of blogging this year. However on the other hand I have been travelling quite a lot and just haven’t had time to blog. In the last 6 months I have travelled rather frequently and have loved every trip I have been on, in one way […]

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Spain Holidays 2011: Andalucía’s Best Kept Secret

Many tourists heading into Malaga’s newly refurbished airport will head south-westerly along the Autovia del Mediterraneo, towards the Costa Del Sol and the popular Spanish holiday hotspots of Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella. Each of these attractions has plenty going for it and they all remain hugely popular with British tourists; but heading eastwards from Malaga […]

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Travel photos temporarily moved photo

Travel photos temporarily moved

Hi everyone, my travel photo gallery has temporarily moved whilst I am working on the new blog template. Since upgrading to version 2.5 of WordPress there are some scripts I was using to intergrate the gallery which are no longer working. I haven’t had the time to get fixed, but they will be back as […]

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