Alex on Camel, Egypt
Butchers in Moshi, Tanzania
Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island
Summer Palace, China
Dorota on Brighton Beach
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Auschwitz & Birkenau camps/museum in Oswiecim, Poland

I remember going to the Auschwitz museum for the first time when I was about 10. It was a horrible experience; I had nightmares for a long time after. I would never recommend anyone taking there children there. Later on, I visited Auschwitz a few more times and still it was very difficult each time. […]

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Nurse Sharks at Fish Rock Cave

What is really sad is that these magnificant mammals are nearly extinct. There are only belived to be around 300 Nurse Sharks and will be extinct within 7 years. This documentary preview looks interesting. I will post some photos later and talk a little bit more about our trip to Fish Rock Cave at South […]

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Sydney in colour, Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival

Sydney is an impressive place. Now imagine Sydney being even more impressive… We’ve had a chance to experience Brian Eno’s Luminous – an amazing light festival, taken place between May and June 2009, using several buildings in Sydney to express the art. It was quite surprising and amazing to watch the Opera House changing colours […]

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About this Site

Being adventurous I love to try everything, I learned to Skydive many years ago, have scuba dived in many countries and countless ship wrecks, participated in one of the first ever parabungies and had a shot at paragliding. I train in Shotokan Karate, have trained for the 1-day, 100-mile South Downs Randonnee Challenge, and summitted […]

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Tips to trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro photo

Tips to trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is probably the number one destination for wannabe climbers who want to achieve the highest possible altitude that they can safely, within a short period of time.  There may be other similar challenges offering different angles – such as the two-day ascent of Mt Kinabalu in Borneo, the trek to the ultimate mountain destination, Everest […]

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Our WA Road trip – 5149km, 901L fuel, 3750mg caffeine photo

Our WA Road trip – 5149km, 901L fuel, 3750mg caffeine

Our Christmas road trip came close to not happening at all, 4hrs on the phone and 22 emails later we managed to get hold of a motor home. Then a call from Gocamper to tell us they hadn’t actually got the one which we had reserved as they didn’t realise when making our booking that the people who had ‘our’ […]

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Star Wars in Tunisia photo

Star Wars in Tunisia

Tunisia on the coast of North Africa is neatly sandwiched between Libya and Algeria, with its southernmost part embedded in the awesome Sahara Desert. Its history goes back to ancient times, when the great city of Carthage was a serious rival to imperial Rome and ended up being flattened at the end of a ruthless […]

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Shit Burger: The Great Food Safari – Weird and Strange food from around the world photo

Shit Burger: The Great Food Safari – Weird and Strange food from around the world

Have you ever had a huhu? It’s a traditional Maori grub that supposedly tastes like buttery chicken. Or how about tasty lizards from the food stalls of the Philippines? Trying new and unique foods from all over the world is perhaps one of the most exciting experiences about travelling to new places. There’s nothing quite […]

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Beqa Lagoon, Fiji – Black & White Tip Sharks @5m photo

Beqa Lagoon, Fiji – Black & White Tip Sharks @5m

Diving Beqa Lagoon (Pronounced Benga) was absolutely fantastic. I have never seen so many sharks before on a single dive. The sharks just swim gracefully around you as if you are not even there munching and crunching on their food. This video is of our safety stop coming up from 30m after seeing the bigger […]

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Trial Bay Gaol (Jail), Laggers Point, South West Rocks photo

Trial Bay Gaol (Jail), Laggers Point, South West Rocks

Back in September 2009 Dorota and I visited Trial Bay Gaol when we booked a weekend away to dive Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks. Laggers point provides a dramatic setting for Trial Bay Gaol (Jail). It is the only example of a station prison specifically constructed to carry out a public work. Built […]

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Kokoda Track for Charity Trek? photo

Kokoda Track for Charity Trek?

Well it’s been just over 3 years since I actually did anything substantial for charity. My last two endeavors were to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and cycle the South Downs Way. On the 7th of September 2007 at 5,892 meters, I summeted Mount Kilimanjaro with a small group of friends. Raising just over £12,000 for the […]

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Moscow’s Metro – Underground Railway photo

Moscow’s Metro – Underground Railway

Moscow’s metro was opened in 1935, it contains outstanding examples of socialist realist art. In my opinion the metro is a really good reason itself to visit the Russian capital. Maybe it’s a bit overcrowded, maybe a bit old, but whenever I’m there I have a feeling it gives me the summary of the whole […]

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Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney photo

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Today Dorota and I went to visit the Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour, Sydney. It’s set in the hustling centre of the CBD, yet is very quiet and all you can here is running water from the numerous waterfalls. We visited the Garden in true Ming Dynasty style and hired Chinese costume. I […]

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