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Auschwitz & Birkenau camps/museum in Oswiecim, Poland photo

Auschwitz & Birkenau camps/museum in Oswiecim, Poland

I remember going to the Auschwitz museum for the first time when I was about 10. It was a horrible experience; I had nightmares for a long time after. I would never recommend anyone taking there children there. Later on, I visited Auschwitz a few more times and still it was very difficult each time. […]

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Polish Wedding, Kolo, Poland photo

Polish Wedding, Kolo, Poland

Finally I’ve managed to find the time to write about my cousin’s wedding Alex and I attended in Poland back in September 2008. Typical Polish weddings start on a Saturday and take 2 days! In a few words, it’s all about tradition, church, drinking, eating, dancing, drinking, singing, drinking etc. I’m familiar with all of […]

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The Matrix, Walsh Bay/Millers Point Film Location, Sydney photo

The Matrix, Walsh Bay/Millers Point Film Location, Sydney

The Matrix is my favourite movie. I’ve seen it lots of times. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that doesn’t know something. It’s quite embarrassing to admit that I had NO IDEA it was filmed in Sydney, the city we’ve been living in for over 7 months! After spotting a sign on the […]

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The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia photo

The Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

The Blue Mountains are an impressive place and are only 2h away from Sydney. They look like a different world (like most of the places out of the city). I still can’t believe that lots of locals, expats and backpackers haven’t been there… The name of these mountains comes from the blue tinge the range […]

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Sydney in colour, Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival photo

Sydney in colour, Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival

Sydney is an impressive place. Now imagine Sydney being even more impressive… We’ve had a chance to experience Brian Eno’s Luminous – an amazing light festival, taken place between May and June 2009, using several buildings in Sydney to express the art. It was quite surprising and amazing to watch the Opera House changing colours […]

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Three types on banknotes photo

Three types on banknotes

It is a bit confusing at the beginning to use Hong Kong dollars. Similar to India they have agreed to use more than one type of banknote for $20, $50, $100 and $1000. The Government, through the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, authorizes three commercial banks to issue currency notes in Hong Kong: – the Hong […]

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Victoria Peak photo

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak. I believe it is better known as the best location in the city to watch the amazing panorama of Hong Kong. Being 554 meters above sea level, Victoria Peak is the highest point within Hong […]

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Fresh Fruit Juices from Hong Kong Night Stalls photo

Fresh Fruit Juices from Hong Kong Night Stalls

It became our Hong Kong daily tradition to get a fresh fruit juice produced by this really nice lady who worked at the counter. Using quite simple tools the juices were fantastic and served very quickly. As our Chinese was quite limited (Alex was trying to say ‘thank you’ in Chinese, but no one could […]

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Plastic food in Hong Kong photo

Plastic food in Hong Kong

I came across various ways of presenting menus: in some countries you get photos, less or more attractive, in other countries, such as India it is cheaper to pay someone to paint pictures/billboards. In China they are more creative and the mass production supports creating plastic food, which looks hilarious on restaurants’ displays.

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