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The Best Norwegian Cruise Line Destinations photo

The Best Norwegian Cruise Line Destinations

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide range of destinations for travellers, from island hopping adventures to chilly trips to Alaska. Although the fine dining, exciting onboard recreational activities and attentive staff will be there no matter where you plan to visit, choosing the right destination means you will be able to experience the climate, attractions […]

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Leaving the Deck Chair and Exploring the Boat: 3 Tips for Your Cruise photo

Leaving the Deck Chair and Exploring the Boat: 3 Tips for Your Cruise

Sitting on a deck chair and roasting your skin the colour of a Maine lobster is a noble way to spend your time on a Caribbean cruise. The majority of us book cruises to do just that. If not the bright pink colour of a lobster, then we at least want our tan to resemble […]

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Travelling, and a World of Hats photo

Travelling, and a World of Hats

Jetting off on an adventure again? Exploring the local wonders? Meeting new people, trying new foods, buying new… hats? Great! As with the good old music festival, where there are an abundance of funky hats from around the world for sale and travelling takes you to the genuine articles. Hats are just one of those […]

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Avoid the Winter Blues photo

Avoid the Winter Blues

It’s a fact that grey skies and plummeting temperatures are enough to cause depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, as it has become known, is recognised by the medical world as a very real and not uncommon form of depression brought about by the lack of sunshine. While this may not always be a serious […]

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Glorious Greece photo

Glorious Greece

Way back in the mists of time when I barely had a single grey hair on my head, I made my one and only trip to Greece. It’s a country I’ve often thought of going back to but for some strange reason haven’t. It’s popular for last minute holidays so I hope to return one […]

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Top things to do in Bangkok, Thailand photo

Top things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

The colourful, lively city of Bangkok is a firm favourite with travellers wanting to jet off out of their comfort zone and experience something completely new. The contrast between modern technology and mystical tradition is evident on the streets of Bangkok, with flashy cars weaving in and out between rickety Tuk-tuks on the roads, and […]

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