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My First Solo Skydive Video, Picton, Sydney

Well after completing my accelerated free fall course with Sydney Skydivers on 12/01/2005, here is the video of my first solo skydive.
Skydiving is most definitely the most exhilarating hobby I have had, unfortunately I haven’t been able to skydive in the UK since getting home. This isn’t down to the price of skydiving as it’s not so expensive, it’s just that the nearest drop zone to me is a two hour drive. So the time that I add petrol to that days jumping makes it an extremely expensive day out.

However I guarantee it won’t be long before I’m back skydiving again, it’s just annoying that I have left it so long, as I’m going to have to do a bit of training before I’m allowed to jump again. That in its self is a good thing judging by my current injuries!