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Near crash experience

Near crash experience - feature photo

So so so close. During our drive from Wroclaw to Berlin we had about 2 inches of snow fall in about 30 minutes, which was quickly building up on the motorway. Bearing in mind that the road was already covered in ice and snow made driving rather stressful.

Driving an oddly balanced Toyota Prius hybrid due to its battery and even with winter tyres on was a drive from hell. Every time i tried to change lane the car would slide sideways or I would lose control of the front of the car.

3 tries later, several Audis passing me and after sitting behind this little car for about 25 minutes travelling at 45 km/hr I decided that I would just go for it. I pull out all good, slide into the next lane, start accelerating and I lose total control of the car. So I decide to move back into the slow lane, where my control of the car is now zero. I’m still rapidly heading towards the car in front, almost sideways, which is now slowing down due to the ice, I can’t steer, I can’t break, all I can see is the flashing red traction control light and of course another car looking like it’s driving straight towards me.

This is where I wish I could show the near miss in bullet time, you know, the rotating panning video shot around the object with time paused. Just as I was about to hit it, the car in front managed to accelerate just enough so that I would miss the car by what seemed 1mm.

Now don’t get me wrong a crash at this speed certainly wasn’t going to kill anyone, but when you have borrowed someone’s, Dorota’s boss, brand new pride and joy with less than 5,000km on the clock, I was scared… shitting myself.

Anyway after this near miss, about 2 minutes later we came across this car spinning in the road about 1km a head of us, another 2km up the road a car wait in the ditch, and for two lucky people. We saw two sets of spiralling skid marks going straight down the road and carry on going. How lucky are you to spin your car on the motorway and a) not hit any other traffic and b) stay on the road!

I HATE driving in the SNOW.

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