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Ikea shopping for our new flat photo

Ikea shopping for our new flat

Today was the most stressful day we both have had since arriving in Sydney, and believe me moving countries isn’t the easiest of tasks. It started ok, we walked to Europcar in Pyrmont and picked up our little Hyundai getz which would drive us around for the day. No tom toms were available but I […]

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Our New Roof Garden – Harris Street, Pyrmont photo

Our New Roof Garden – Harris Street, Pyrmont

After about 5 mins of deliberation we decided that Point Street wasn’t for us, well for now, and have just signed the lease. We fell in love with this loft apartment which was converted from an old wool factory. Awesome. No longer will I be living in a purpose built apartment. It’s weird I know, […]

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View from Point Street, Pyrmont photo

View from Point Street, Pyrmont

Dorota and I have just been looking at apartments in Pyrmont, and have both just fallen in love with Point Street, this is possibly the view from behind one of the apartments we’ve just looked at. Is this going to be our new place? I wonder.

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Sydney Taxi Drivers photo

Sydney Taxi Drivers

Grrr. Not sure how to start this post without the sensation of stress running through my veins all over again. Due to my work I have to regularly get taxis around Sydney, and I have yet once to actually make it to my destination without any difficulties. Do I just take it for granted that […]

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Sydney in colour, Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival photo

Sydney in colour, Brian Eno’s Luminous Festival

Sydney is an impressive place. Now imagine Sydney being even more impressive… We’ve had a chance to experience Brian Eno’s Luminous – an amazing light festival, taken place between May and June 2009, using several buildings in Sydney to express the art. It was quite surprising and amazing to watch the Opera House changing colours […]

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Congee photo


I’m really not sure on where to start on explaining this stuff. It’s like porridge made from rice, but it’s horrid. I feel like a child eating cabbage.

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Wooden Double Decker Trams photo

Wooden Double Decker Trams

In overcrowded Hong Kong effective communication is key in every day life. You can find there buses, taxis, trains, most types of cars, bikes and motorbikes, as well as wooden double decker… trams! Hong Kong Tramways is one of the three tramways in the world that have regular operation of double-decker trams (the others being […]

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Sogo Hong Kong 15 floors + 4 extra for members photo

Sogo Hong Kong 15 floors + 4 extra for members

Sogo situated at 555 Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay started trading in 1985. It is the largest department store in Hong Kong with over 400,000 square foot of goods. The store has 15 floors for you and me, and if you are a shopaholic and have Sogo membership you have an additional 4 private floors […]

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Dim Sum, sharks fin, birds nest soup and cat sick photo

Dim Sum, sharks fin, birds nest soup and cat sick

Hong Kong dim sum doesn’t seem to live up to the crazy mad rush of a typical mainland Chinese restaurant, but the food here is much nicer. However I’ve just realised half way through eating this dish, which I have no idea what it is, I can’t eat it anymore. It looks like cat sick. […]

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Toyota Crown Comfort Taxis photo

Toyota Crown Comfort Taxis

If you’ve ever wondered what the roads are like in Hong Kong, just imagine every car on the road in your country as one of these red Toyotas and squeeze them all into one town. At a guess 75% of the cars on the road around Causeway bay are these red taxis.

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