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Pulau Langkawi, Sky Bridge

Pulau Langkawi, Sky Bridge - feature photo

Langkawi is actually an archipelago, it consists of 99 islands and is just under 20 miles off the coast of Malayisa. The islands are part of Malayaisa not as part of Thailand which people tend to think. The main island or should I say biggest is Palau Langkawi which has about 45,000 people living on it. Only one other island is inhabitied and that is Palau Tuba.

The Langkawi sky bridge in Gunung Mat Cincang is 2300 feet above sea level and is actually curved so you can get the best view of a spectacular chasm, and differnet perspectives over the land and sea. The sky bridge spans 125 meters, from this you get a tremdous view across the Andaman Sea and in good weather, nearly always, you can see Tarutao Island, Thailand.

The bridge is 1.8m wide and has viewing platforms twice the width of the bridge so you can take your time and make the most of the views without people pushing past. Mind you it wasn’t actually that busy when I was there.

Getting here is easiest from the nearby island Penang, Malaysia and Satun in southern Thailand. As for traveling around the island the island has a reasonably well developedroad network. Its patchy in places which is why I choose to hire a motorbike. But to my luck it broke down and I had to hitch hike back about 10 miles!

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